"Rachel tells the truth of her journey with passion, conviction, and deep vulnerability. As a busy mom of three young kids, I don't have a lot of free time for books in my daily life. Yet I read several chapters of Rachel's book in one sitting--gripped by her story and rooting for her to persevere and emerge stronger than ever before. She does, and somehow, in the midst of the pain she's been through, she manages to write with a tone of hope, positivity, and purpose--messages that will resonate with all readers, whether or not they have walked through a similar challenge in their marriage."
-Jamie Martin, blogger at and author of Steady Days and Mindset for Moms

“Rachel Joy’s book is a brave expression of the heartache endured when a marriage dies, and the intersection of one's faith in that grief in such a circumstance.  What propels her text beyond others' attempts at sharing such a personal experience for the benefit of those who are walking similar paths, is her recognition of the sovereignty of God at the deepest point of one's grief.  She neither presumes that "everything happens for a reason" nor does she equate earthly brokenness with the absence of God.  Rather, she explores the quiet presence of divine Love as a lighthouse in the raucous storm of a marriage breaking up.  Most compelling is her obedience to God's call to "come to me all who are weary and heavy laden."  She fleshes out for the reader how it is one can turn to Scripture and prayer as a source for comfort and direction.  Her advice is neither cursory nor holier than thou.  Her illumination of Scripture in the second half of the book can serve as a foothold for those who are in search of a path for seeking Scripture as a resource and guide.  The book goes beyond the idea that others will read it because "misery loves company" and treads into a future where, in the company of another who has endured the trauma of a divorce, mourning is turned to dancing.”
-Reverend Megan Johnson, Pastor for Children & Families and Women, Clairmont Presbyterian Church, GA

“In His Affair, My Redemption, Rachel bares her soul and provides a fresh voice to the difficult topics of an affair, divorce, and ultimately finding the strength to move on.  She takes the reader along her journey; from the life-shattering moment when her husband tells her he no longer loves her to the point where she finds a place of redemption.
Rachel provides intimate peeks inside her journal and prayers.  She describes her struggles with rawness, openness, and honesty.  Most importantly, she leaves the reader with a sense of her strong spirit, wisdom, hope, and enduring faith.  In essence, this is a book of inspiration and triumph.”
-Anne L. Borden, Ph.D., Department of Sociology, Morehouse College

With a gentle and honest voice, Rachel Joy has woven the story of the history of her life journey in “His Affair, My Redemption.”   From the brutal pain of betrayal, so familiar to so many of us in this day, her recounting of the path from devastating hurt, anger to gradual acceptance give a clear testimony to the grace of salvation. 
With scripture as her guide, God’s word echoes for us all as Rachel shares enduring and processing  the pain of  the dissolution  of her marriage.
As she quotes from Isaiah 49:16, “See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands.”  God is with us during the worst.

-Christine A. Bush, Author, Teacher, Counselor


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